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What if you had a game that had no limits? What if everyone could be the dungeon master and make other players do your bidding? What if that game was on this page?

Zombocom dungeons gives each player an (almost) blank piece of paper on which they forge a map for other players to escape from. Make up challenges like carrying you dog around the house in under 2 minutes (before the dragon catches you with its hatchlings of course). But make sure your challenges aren't too cruel, because 'what goes round comes round'!


I don't know if this game already exists because my cousin taught it to me. And I never know if he makes stuff up or not. But it's the perfect game for this game jam! I whipped the rulesheet up in a couple of hours, but haven't had a chance to blind playtest.

And the name - well, I had to call it something! See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombo.com


Zombocom Dungeons.pdf 2 MB

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